Your SA at Work

Your Students’ Association at work



• In 2016, the students of Red Deer College voted to donate $500,000 to the College for the development of the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre. In recognition of this gift, the College is re-purposing the current Train Station for the Students’ Association to expand its footprint.

• The space will be used for student groups development and as a new hub for RDC students. The anticipated move-in date is Summer 2018.


Recent wins for Students

• In 2016, students were asked if they were in favour of a Fall Reading Break in the 2017 Spring Elections, and 86.2% of the respondents said yes. The College responded with the implementation of a Fall Reading Break starting in Fall 2019.

• In 2014, the SA advocated for an affordable transit pass to the City of Red Deer. In 2015, the City introduced Semester Passes exclusive to RDC students. The semester passes are $150/semester (plus a $5 card fee) saving students $100 a year!

• In 2015, the French and Spanish courses were cut at RDC. The SA advocated on behalf of students to have languages reinstated. As a result, French was reinstated for Winter 2016.

To find out more about where your fees go, check out the Students' Association Fees in a Nutshell page or visit the SA office on Main Campus in Room 2010.