SA Fees

Students’ Association Fees: in a nutshell

* based on the 2017-2018 approved Annual Budget

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College is a student-led organization focused on serving the students of Red Deer College. By supporting programs and services, your money ensures all Red Deer College students get the support they need and have an equal opportunity to succeed academically.

The current SA fees are $6/credit for students in credit programs and $6/week for apprenticeship students. A credit student taking three courses per semester pays $108 in SA fees for the entire year while an apprenticeship student in an eight-week program pays $48. Your fees are allocated to ensure there is student representation within the College and at the three levels of government. These fees also maintain and expand student space and provide affordable programs and services.


Building Fund

The Students’ Association owns and operates its own building for student use. A significant portion of SA fees are allocated for the future expansion of the student building, renovations to the Far Side Bar & Grill, the Lift, and the SA Offices, as well as the general maintenance of the building including insurance, repairs, and equipment leases.

Credit students: $27.00/year
Apprenticeship: $12.00/session



Representation and advocacy are foundations the SA is built upon. The governance fund ensures accountability to our members through elections and protecting student interests with the College and the three levels of government. The Students’ Association also assists students with academic appeals and grievances.

Credit students: $32.40/year
Apprenticeship: $14.40/session


Program & Service Delivery

The SA provides services such as:

• Awards & Scholarships: $25,000 yearly
• Student Groups (Banking Services, Room/Table Rentals, Guidance)
• Cultural Activities Trust Fund
• Health & Dental Plan (currently yearly premium $294)
• Lockers & Used Bookstore
• Semester Transit Pass
• Food Bank
• Free Legal Help
• Faxing Service
• Copiers in the Library
• Communications & Publications (handbook)
• Housing Directory

The SA provides programming such as:
• New Student Orientation Events
• Awareness Campaigns (Mental Health Awareness, Sexual and Gender Awareness, Drug Awareness)
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Apprenticeship Completion Ceremonies

Credit students: $27.00/year
Apprenticeship: $12.96/session


Operations & Finance

Operations & Finance cover the costs of our annual external audit, legal fees, general expenses such as telephone, internet, software as well as our operational and accounting staff.

Credit students: $19.44/year
Apprenticeship: $8.64/session


THE STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION OF RED DEER COLLEGE also receives revenue from its businesses – the Far Side Bar & Grill and the Lift convenience store. Proceeds from these businesses help support and enhance SA-provided student services, scholarships and awards.


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