CAT Fund

The Cultural Activities Trust Fund, better known as the CAT Fund, helps fund cultural events on campus at Red Deer College. The committee which administers this fund consists of RDC students and faculty.

In the past, CAT Fund has helped provide outstanding drama, dynamic speakers on current affairs, science and philosophy, and inspired musical performances. Student Groups are encouraged to make use of this fund.

Guidelines for Funding

  • Activities that are remarkable for the stimulation of the intellect, imagination and esthetic senses;CAT_recycled_beats.jpg
  • Activities that are not likely to be available or sponsored in the mainstream of entertainment, media or information sources;
  • Projects that lead to the creation, organization, and execution of an activity at RDC that will have an impact on the “culture” of the college community;
  • Activities that reflect the college as an institution of higher learning and one that explores and/or introduces the unconventional;
  • Activities that reflect a high degree of creative involvement on the part of the college community;
  • Activities that are attractive and challenging to students;
  • Activities that are open to the entire RDC community.


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Ready to apply for CAT Fund?
Download the CAT Fund Application package here


Completed CAT Fund applications may be returned to the CAT Fund Chairperson or the CAT Fund Secretary

  • in person: at Students’ Association Office, Room 2010
  • by fax: 403-347-8510
  • by email: sardc-general(at)