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Meetings, Nominations, Bagels!?

Welcome to your second full week of school! The election for Students' Association Student Council is underway.

Nominations opened at the Fall General Meeting, held Sept. 16. Nomination packages can be found on certain SA bulletin boards around the school, at the SA office, or at one of the SA booths around campus that are promoting the election. Nominations close Tuesday, Sept. 23. Nomination forms must be at the SA office by 4 p.m. at the latest. Note that nominations opening are not the same as campaigning; campaigning begins after the All Candidates Meeting Sept. 23.

Take a day or two to think about what obtaining a spot on Council would mean for you in terms of the time FGM_poster.jpgcommitment and other factors. As a Councilor, you will be provided with experience attending and coordinating events, making decisions on behalf of the student body, and deciding where the SA Executive should focus their efforts.

Council hopefuls should be aware of the Monday night time commitment. Councilors are required to attend Council meetings, which occur every second Monday and start at 5 p.m. As a Councilor, you are also required to participate on two SA-related committees — but you are quite likely to find a committee that matches your interests!

With this in mind, the benefits of being a Councilor far outweigh the concerns some may have about the time commitment.  You will be a part of a diverse network of peers and students, and have the ability to become the voice of those students. A position on Council also nets you a honorarium for attending council meetings and performing the duties of a Councilor.

Councilors are given many opportunities to display and develop leadership skills, communication skills, and diplomatic skills, all of which are likely to apply to your future career or life after your time at Red Deer College.  Getting involved in student government will make your resume stand out from many other post-secondary students, as willingness to get involved as a student speaks volumes about a students’ character.

Come to the bottom of the SA stairs anytime between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.  Friday, Sept. 19 for free bagels, coffee and elections information! Those individuals interested in running for Council can ask questions or pick up a nomination package. People interested in volunteering with the election as poll clerks and ballot counters can find out more as well.

Stay tuned for next week’s article on volunteering, and how you can get involved on Election Day!

For more information, please contact the CRO, Maryanne McGrath at . Visit us at

Representation on the Provincial Stage

Did you know that your Students’ Association at Red Deer College is part of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC)?

ASEC is Alberta’s largest post-secondary provincial advocacy organization by representing the interests of over 175,000 students from 15 post-secondary institutions across Alberta.  ASEC is a member-driven, non-partisan advocacy group that unites student voices from all over Alberta and brings their ideas to the provincial government.  Your Students’ Association (SA) here at Red Deer College has taken a strong leadership role within ASEC and look forward to continuing to advocate for student interests in 2014/2015.

  • Your Students’ Association President Bailey Daines is one of the five executives for ASEC. She is the Director of Policy whose main role is to draft the advocacy documents that will be presented to the government.
  • Your Vice President Operations Rebecca Tootoosis sits on ASEC’s Finance Committee and Governance Committee. 
  • Your Vice President College Affairs Evan Lintick sits on ASEC’s Policy Committee and Marketing and Communications Committee.
  • And your Vice President Student Life Jhymylyn Miranda sits on the Mental Health Committee. This committee was formed last year after ASEC successfully lobbied for student-led mental health initiatives across Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.

The student voice is very powerful.  If you are interested to hear more about the Alberta Student Executive Council, feel free come upstairs to the Students’ Association office on campus to talk with any of your SA executives. Or check out ASEC’s website at

Representation, Services, FUN!

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College plays an important role in your life at RDC. The SA advocates for and represents students, provides a myriad of important (and fun!) services and is one of the largest employers of students on campus!

If you have a question, concern, need some more information or want to become more active with your SA, stop by the SA office, call 403-342-3200 or send us an email!

Our mission: The Students’ Association of Red Deer College will enrich and enhance the quality of student life at Red Deer College by providing affordable and quality services, effective political representation and exciting opportunities for its members.

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