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French instruction returning to Red Deer College

Recent post-secondary budget funding announcements by Alberta’s new Government are being well received by both Red Deer College and its Students’ Association Executive.
Through Bill 3, the Appropriation (Interim Supply) Act, a proposed 1.4% funding cut for the 2015-2016 academic year has been restored. For the next two College fiscal years (through June, 2017), a 2% increase in operational funding will be provided.  This funding announcement provides RDC with sustainable, long-term funding that ensures robust programming decisions can be made that enhance learning for students. 
“As a result of the restored funding recently announced by the Government of Alberta, we were able to revisit our 2015-16 budget plans,” shared Joel Ward, RDC President & CEO.  “Decisions were made based on how to best serve students.  This resulted in resources being directed to areas with direct student impact and resourcing some new initiatives that will improve our sustainability and advance our strategic agenda.”
Highlights of recent decisions include:
  • Re-instate one section of French each semester, beginning in Winter 2016
  • In consultation with the City of Red Deer and the community, Continuing Education courses will be offered in both French and English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Select courses will be added or re-offered in high demand areas including: Biology, Chemistry, English, General Education, Kinesiology and Sport Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Social Work
  • Provide additional resources for support positions in the Library Information Common, Student Funding office as well as the Student Advising/Recruiting area
Resources will also be provided to support a selection of new initiatives.  Examples include the development of an online Philosophy course targeted for students whose timetables conflict with current course offerings as well as providing a full time Aboriginal Student Coordinator position.
“It is encouraging to see that the new government is making the needs of the post-secondary sector a priority in Alberta,” said Students’ Association President Maryanne McGrath. “These additional resources allow for increased learning opportunities for RDC students, including the reinvestment in credit language options. We are optimistic about the further development of credit language programming.”

Vacancy: Represent your peers

In the spring of each year, Red Deer College students elect the following year’s Students' Association Executive Bullhorn-Vacancy-copy.pngCouncil — SA President, Vice President Operations, Vice President Student Life and Vice President College Affairs. While each position has separate responsibilities, they work together to ensure all students at RDC are represented fairly and equally.

The position of Vice President College Affairs is currently vacant which means there will be a bi-election in October to fill this position. Nominations open at the conclusion of the Students' Association Fall General Meeting.

Perhaps you are the next Vice President College Affairs.

What does the VP College Affairs do?

The VP College Affairs assists students with academic and non-academic appeals. They also provide feedback on proposed curriculum and policy changes. In addition, they work to resolve issues that students are facing at Red Deer College.

The VP College Affairs must take a maximum of 15 academic credits per term. The VP College Affairs must maintain a minimum of 20 office hours during the Students’ Association’s regular business hours. They also attend events which are outside of their standard office hours.

To qualify to run in the bi-election for the position of VP College Affairs, a student must be enrolled as a Red Deer College student — Collaborative students may not stand as candidates for the position of VP College Affairs — and have achieved a GPA of at least 2.0 during the College’s most recent Winter or Spring term. Individuals who have previously served two elected terms as an Association Executive are not eligible unless four years have elapsed since serving their second elected term.

For information on the position of VP College Affairs contact Maryanne McGrath, SA President  at 403-342-3200 or via email.

Hard at work

The 2015-2016 Students' Association of Red Deer College executive team — Maryanne McGrath, President; Luke Neilson, Vice President Operations and Brady Podloski, Vice President Student Life — are working hard to ensure RDC students have a amazing experience while they are attending the college.

Right now, they are working on exciting and engaging events for WoW (Week of Welcome) as well as for the entire year. In addition, each executive member represents students on a number of committees to ensure the student voice continues to be heard.

Representation, Services, FUN!

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College plays an important role in your life at RDC. The SA advocates for and represents students, provides a myriad of important (and fun!) services and is one of the largest employers of students on campus!

If you have a question, concern, need some more information or want to become more active with your SA, stop by the SA office, call 403-342-3200 or send us an email!

Our mission: The Students’ Association of Red Deer College will enrich and enhance the quality of student life at Red Deer College by providing affordable and quality services, effective political representation and exciting opportunities for its members.

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