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Cuts to French & Spanish courses at RDC

The Students’ Association of Red Deer College is concerned about the termination of Spanish and French Language courses at RDC. While the recent provincial budget has led to cuts in post-secondary, it should not undermine the cultural agenda of our college and community.

The following statistics attest to the need for language instruction in Red Deer:

  • Canada is a bilingual nation. Over 10% of our cities' citizens do not speak English, but rather French or other languages. By not offering second language instruction at RDC, we are not representing the inclusive spirit of our country and community.

  • Red Deer is hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games; therefore, language diversity and communication are essential. From coast to coast to coast, athletes from extremely diverse backgrounds will be participating in the games. In our city. At our institution. According to the Winter Games website, the games are meant to promote “unifying Canada”, “arts and culture”, and “official languages”. The Students’ Association asks how our city can promote “official languages”, “culture”, or “unity” when its only post-secondary institution does not promote lingual diversity. 

  • Red Deer College is aspiring to become a degree granting institution. Is this possible without offering secondary language courses?

These cuts affect central Alberta, the members of our city, and the current and potential students of Red Deer College. If there is no linguistic diversity, how can the voice of our students be heard? The Students’ Association hopes to collaborate with decision-makers to secure the communicative, diverse future of our city. Let's work together to make Red Deer an inclusive and culturally diverse community by reinstating the French and Spanish courses at RDC by the fall of 2015.


Poll: French & Spanish reinstatement

Do you support the reinstatement of French and Spanish language courses at Red Deer College for Fall 2015?

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The 2015-2016 Students' Association of Red Deer College executive team — Maryanne McGrath, President; Luke Neilson, Vice President Operations and Brady Podloski, Vice President Student Life — have officially taken office.

The position of VP College Affairs will be filled through a bi-election in the fall. Nominations will open at the Students’ Association Fall General Meeting.

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